The Interior Castle – Coming Soon

“The closer one approaches to God, the simpler one becomes.”

― Teresa of Ávila

The Interior Castle was written by St. Teresa of Ávila, O.C.D., the Spanish Discalced Carmelite nun and famed mystic, in 1577 as a guide for spiritual development through service and prayer. Inspired by her vision of the soul as a crystal globe in the shape of a castle containing seven mansions, which she interpreted as the journey of faith through seven stages, ending with union with God.

The books The Interior Castle and The Way of Perfection, taken collectively, are practical blueprints for “seekers” who want to really understand prayer as mystical union with God. Further, Teresa’s exposure of how she was blessed with contemplation truly illuminates the Catholic theologies of grace, the sacraments, humility and ultimately love.

This new original ballet, by director Adrianne Whithoeft, seeks to use dance and music to transport the audience on a journey through each of these mansions. With the hope that everyone may one day come to be a seeker themselves.

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