Our Lady of Lourdes – Coming Soon

“So lovely that, when you have seen her once, you would willingly die to see her again!”

― St Bernadette Soubriou

The original ballet Our Lady of Lourdes tells the story of a girl named Bernadette Soubirou and her visions of Our Lady in Lourdes, France.  With help from her daughter, Alexis, director Adrianne Whitthoeft drew inspiration from the annual World Day of the Sick, by the power of the Messages given to St. Bernadette at the Grotto of Lourdes, France by “Our Lady of Lourdes.” Many of the miracles were the gifts of compassion, understanding for those who suffer and mostly the gift of accepting our sufferings as Jesus did on the Cross.

  • Wash Clean in the Spring
  • Do Penance
  • Pray for Sinners
  • Heal the Sick
  • Comfort the Afflicted
  • I am the Immaculate Conception

To this present day, thousands of the sick and afflicted have been cured and comforted by the miraculous water of Lourdes, France.

The next performance of Our Lady of Lourdes by Project Marian will be in February 2016.  Auditions coming this spring 2015!

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What was the inspiration that created this ballet.

One day I attended a mini ballet soiree with a Christian theme. As I listened to scriptures and experienced the ballerinas dance to praise music, the thought came to me to write a ballet of “Our Lady of Lourdes.” I had chosen St. Bernadette as my special saint when I received the Sacrament of Confirmation and who’s life story I had come to learn more about. 

In February of 2008, our family experienced several healing’s at an “Our Lady of Lourdes” Healing Mass. The miracles we experienced were understanding and compassion for the afflicted and suffering, especially for those whom we love and care for. The greatest miracle was the gift of accepting our sufferings as exemplified by Jesus on the Cross.

These healing’s gave me the inspiration needed to begin writing the Ballet of “Our Lady of Lourdes. In writing the ballet, I was aided by my daughter, Alexis, with her many years of ballet studies and experience. The music for the ballet was graciously provided by my father who was one of the recipients of healing from the Mass. God Bless my father’s soul who passed away one year before the ballet was staged. The ballet was premiered in 2012 for Catholic School Students,home-schooled children and general audiences from the Diocese of Orange and beyond.

Adrianne Sanchez Witthoeft

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