Executive Director, Adrianne Witthoeft

You cannot ask me to write a song about something or someone, it must be an inspiration from within the heart, mind and soul.

-Jose Olivier Sanchez

Creator of Music for Ballet of "Our Lady of Lourdes"

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A little bit about myself

Hello and welcome to our website. I am the daughter of the late, Jose Oliver Sanchez, a singer, songwriter & guitar player. When I would ask my father to write a song, he would say to me, "you cannot ask me to write a song about something or someone, it must be an inspiration from within the heart, mind and soul." You might wonder from where did the inspiration come, to start Project Marian Productions.

Our Story:  Over the years, I enjoyed the many beautiful ballet’s my daughter performed in and the professional performances we attended. Although beautifully mystifying and enchanting, I often wondered why there were no ballet’s about "The Mother of Jesus." I imagined how beautiful a libretto ballet would be of a supernatural story, featuring an apparition of "The Heavenly Blessed Mother."

First Ballet: read more on our production's page about the inspiration for the creation of our first ballet of "Our Lady of Lourdes"


Giving Thanks: I would like to thank Reverend Gerald Horan, OSM, Vicar of Faith Formation and the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Orange County. With their assistance the Ballet of "Our Lady of Lourdes" was premiered for Catholic School Students, home-schooled students and general audiences, providing an educational experience of faith through the expression of music and performing arts. God Willing, through the work of volunteers, gift's of treasures and talents from dedicated artists, more stories will reach the stage, spreading the Good News of faith and hope.

Artistic Director, Catherine Bonomini

The body says what words cannot.

-Martha Graham

Catherine was a professional dancer and founding member of the JohnC Art Ballet and The Hartfel Foundation from 2001-2011. She has danced in many original choreographic works by John Welch, Donald Mckayle, David Allen, Douglas Becker, and more. Catherine is a dance teacher, choreographer, and Human Resources professional. She gained her BA in Dance from the University of California Irvine.

"I originally came on board to Project Marian as a consultant, to share my knowledge and understanding of how to bring together a full length production to a group of wonderful women with a dream to create an original and inspiring story ballet. I am honored that Project Marian entrusts me to play an integral part in overseeing the final product, and help bring stories of redemption, healing, and overcoming struggles to audiences. Seeing a community of dancers, artists, and volunteers come together for a common goal is its own reward, and I look forward to many projects in the future. As a professional dancer, I had the privilege over the years to strive to inspire and lift the spirits of the audience through my dancing, and now it is my joy to continue these pursuits through Project Marian's ballets."